How far would you go to find the truth?


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Two documentary filmmakers investigate the local legend of the black cat, a puma allegedly responsible for the deaths of animals and people on the forest. Both stuck in their careers this could be their last chance to steer their future in the right direction.

Frustrated by a lack of evidence and probable tall tales, they enlist the help of a policeman who offers several leads which take them down a dangerous path. They soon realise it's not just the cats they have to worry about, a mysterious individual has began taking an interest in them. Not everything is as it seems and they must find out the truth before they become victims of the legend themselves.



The trailer was made with no budget as a concept for a feature film. It is just a taste of what we have in store for the full movie.

The legend of the large black cat is a popular one in Sussex and Kent, and so we decided to put our own twist on the story. Originally based on real accounts of panther sightings, we wanted to expand on this idea and create something unique and thrilling.


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